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Gait Training

Gait Training may be used to prevent injury, develop a post-injury strategy, or to enhance your current performance in running, hiking, walking, cycling, rowing, etc.

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In-Home Rehab Services

In-home Rehab by Revive Rehab Services, LLC is the premier choice for in-home Physical Therapy. We service the Lehigh Valley area and surrounding neighborhoods, including

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Low Back Pain

Whether you are suffering from back pain for few hours or forfew years, your choice of Physical Therapy as an option for low back paintreatment

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Manual Therapy

How can manual therapy help me? If you are experiencing increased pain and stiffening in any of your joints and muscles, manual therapy is often

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Post Surgical Rehab

Hip and knee replacement surgeries are some of the most common operations performed in the U.S., with about 1 million completed each year. And each one

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Womens Health

From work to recreation, Pregnancy to menopause, and through the entirety of a women’s life, Physical Therapy empowers women to take control of pain and

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